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8 Nail shape trends 2018 - Nail trends that are making a comeback

As the world changes, so do the likes and dislikes of people change. However, a lot of these likes and dislikes are formed from designs conjured up in the past. But, with an added twist. Many nail designs are making a comeback this year.

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7 Nail trends of 2018 - Changing things up for Summer and Winter

With a little patience, add some love and a few great tutorials, transforming your fingernails (or toenails) into masterpieces can be easily done. Lets’ just say this could be an excuse to have a girls night in to pamper yourselves and your friendships.

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Fingernails and health signs - 10 Signs that could be showing you underlying health problems

Your nails provide you with numerous clues as to the condition of your overall health. How they appear tells you if you need to pay attention to other areas of your body. By no means is this article meant to diagnose any health issues, because only a qualified medical practitioner can do that.

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OPI Lisbon Collection 2018 -12 shades for Summer 2018

OPI is brand that is well-known for choosing exotic themes for collections that they showcase to the world. The hype around their Lisbon collection is no different. This collection is inspired by the Portuguese city of Lisbon

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